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Why Concierge Services?

We let you focus on what you're best at

Large companies have entire divisions dedicated to non-revenue-producing tasks, but small business  owners rarely have this luxury. Rely on our expertise so that you can capitalize on yours. You'll see the results in your bottom line!


We cater exclusively to business

Our services are not available to the public.  Why?  We know that business - especially small business - is the foundation to our economy and our communities.  We want local business to flourish by using their time and resources efficiently.


We help increase employee productivity

Offering our personal concierge services shows that you value your employees.  They'll return the favor with higher productivity and higher morale.


Did you know...

  • While at home, a typical employee spends 40+ hours each week dedicated to shopping,

​     housework and child care.

  • 88% of employees rank work/life balance as their #1 priority.

  • 75% of employees conduct personal business on company time.

  • Only 29% of employees are working their ideal job. 

(Information derived from various sources including Net Impact 2012 summary.)

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